Friday, February 25, 2011

Ready or The Knot, Here Hafner Florist Comes

By Abigail Sterling, Published February 24, 2011

   The wedding consultants at Hafner Florist are excited to work with brides to create unique wedding flowers that fit well within individual budgets.  “[Beth] was able to supply me with everything I needed (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and flowers for the cake) at about 70% of my budget, which was less than most of the other quotes I got,” one bride raves on  Hafner Florist understands that wedding costs can add up quickly, which is why the wedding consultants enjoy working with each bride to create wedding flowers that are both memorable and affordable.

Hafner Florist is a personable Toledo florist that is eager to work thoroughly, though efficiently, with brides throughout the Northwest Ohio area.  “Beth Hafner was the ONLY florist who gave me a quote on the spot!” the bride exclaims in her review.  Wedding planning can be a hectic process, and Hafner Florist wedding consultants seek to provide beautiful flowers and reliable service which allows brides to feel at ease.    

In order to ensure beauty, Hafner Florist uses the highest quality wedding flowers available.  Many brides are amazed by the longevity of their wedding flowers.  As the same bride observes, “the flowers were fresh, vibrant, and long-lasting – my bouquet was still in good shape when we came back from our honeymoon!” 

For brides looking for a florist who will add the finishing touches to that special day and preserve the elegance of their wedding flowers for years to come, Hafner Florist offers wedding bouquet flower drying and preservation.  Visit the Hafner Florist weddings website for additional information regarding these services and more!    


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meet the Hafner's - Toledo's Wedding Florists

By Abigail Sterling, Published February 16, 2011

For brides seeking a local florist in Toledo, Sylvania, and surrounding cities, many want to select the best wedding florist – one that is friendly, creative, and willing to work with their budgets. 

Hafner Florist is owned by Dan and Beth Hafner who, throughout the years, have created a fun-filled, welcoming environment in their stores in Sylvania and Holland, Ohio.  The Hafner’s are genuinely interested in their customers and seek to create breathtaking arrangements – flowers they would take home themselves. 

A custom floral creation by Hafner Wedding Designers
Beth has been designing wedding flowers for over 30 years and she continues to exhibit enthusiasm and excitement with each new bride.  Beth becomes emotionally-invested in each bride and her wedding day – so much so, that Beth is concerned with elements outside of her control, like the weather.  Recently, Beth has received assistance during consultations from her French bulldog, Jetta, who loves to sit in on the conversation.  (Now, Jetta doesn’t add much input.  Instead, she offers more “emotional support,” showing her excitement for the bride through her snores.) 

Kelli Baker, known as “Kelli B” around the shop, demonstrates a passionate concern for detail, which places her wedding creations in a class of their own.  Designing for over 20 years, Kelli keeps up with current wedding flower trends and views each bride’s wedding day as a unique opportunity to create memorable floral designs.    

 Beth Hafner’s wedding consultants strive to cater to each bride’s distinctive tastes, which is what makes Hafner Florist an outstanding local florist.  The wedding consultants understand that floral work is not a “cookie-cutter process”.  Instead, they aim to deliver wedding flowers tuned to each bride’s individual style and interests.          

Hafner Florist is the popular choice in Northwest Ohio for wedding flowers.  The wedding consultants at Hafner Florist design nearly one hundred weddings per year at the two locations in Sylvania and Holland. In order to maintain the same high level of design and service for each and every bride, they limit the number of weddings handled on historically busy weekends.  Although Hafner Florist operates in two locations, the florist is eager to cater to the Greater Toledo area – from Swanton all the way to Oregon.  Hafner Florist was voted by local brides for the second year in a row as “The Knot Best of Weddings 2011 Pick” – solidifying Hafner Florist as a highly respected local wedding florist.  The Knot ( interviewed thousands of brides across the U.S. and Toledo area to rate the vendors they used for their weddings.

Ultimately, Hafner Florist offers a quality product in which the wedding consultants take pride and personal interest.  Hafner Florist’s energized dedication to matchless wedding flowers encourages brides to trust the wedding consultant to produce an incredible look while remaining mindful of individual budgets.  As a respected local florist in Northwest Ohio, Hafner Florist invests time, attention, and concern above and beyond the bare minimum to ensure stunning wedding flowers for every bride.  For additional information concerning Hafner Florist’s wedding flowers, visit the new Hafner Florist Weddings website or find Hafner Florist on Facebook.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Flower Trends for 2011

By Abigail Sterling, Published February 9, 2011

From wedding flowers and accents to invitations and the wedding cake, the selected colors will unify many aspects of the wedding day.  When choosing Toledo wedding florists, brides should ask about current wedding flower trends in both color and design.  Like any aesthetic product, wedding flower trends are constantly evolving.  Today, there are dozens of different color schemes and designs that can be fashioned to cater to a bride’s distinctive tastes.     

Hafner Florist’s Popular Wedding Flower Trends for 2011:

“Going Green” – A natural expression achieved through organic form and color that produces an airy, free-flowing look.  Through contrasting and complementary foliages and branching, this wedding flower trend emanates a sense of elegant simplicity.  Mixing unique textures and colors of naturally-occurring flower colors, such as white and light green, creates a soothing, tranquil expression for bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres.  Hafner Florist is eager to produce centerpieces in a bride’s own vintage containers, which allow the bride’s personality to permeate this elegant expression and contribute toward the soothingly natural presentation of organic variety. 

“Soft Romantic” – Soft and dainty garden flowers, such as pastel roses and peonies, create a dreamlike, fantasy look.  Graceful, exquisite petals gently bursting with romantic elegance transform any wedding day into a fairytale.  In addition to soft, pastel colors, Hafner Florist can enhance this beautifully elegant expression with the faint glow of submersible arrangement lighting and LED tea-lights, radiating the entire room with dainty, dreamlike charm. 

“Classic Allure” – For centuries, red has illustrated love and passion.  Brides can capture this timeless wedding trend with fragrant white and red flowers through traditional or contemporary design.  Recent wedding trends include toile patterns to these alluring colors for an ageless, charming appeal.  For a more modern reinvention of this look, brides can add black accents for a trendier, sophisticated presentation.        

“Playful Passion” – This eccentric and lively wedding flower trend conveys originality and spunk through unique color schemes and design.  A playfully bright color scheme, like hot pink, navy blue, and magenta, breaks free from traditional wedding styles for the exuberant bride.  This trendy, whimsical expression can also be achieved by choosing a brilliant, vivid color, like yellow, with accenting colors, like silver and black.  The mixing of different hues creates a vibrant presentation that will complement any radiant bride on her wedding day.  Hafner Florist offers many playful and trendy accents for boutonnieres and bouquets alike, like colorful bead sprays and ribbon, to create a matchless and energetic look that musters excitement on the special day.

Ultimately, there are endless possibilities for trendy Toledo wedding flowers. A bride’s perfect wedding flowers are those that complement her personality and tastes. Wedding consultants can modify color and design schemes and utilize trendy accents to create a one-of-a-kind floral presentation for any bride. Wedding consultants at Hafner Florist are prepared to help brides focus their preferences and create the most uniquely breathtaking centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and cake flowers imaginable.   

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Five To-Do's for Choosing Wedding Flowers

By Abigail Sterling, Published February 3, 2011.
      For the recently-engaged bride, choosing a florist may appear like one of the more daunting tasks on her long to-do list.  Which Toledo florist will deliver the best results?  With factors such as cost and quality at stake, how does the bride know which florist to select?  How can she be sure the wedding flowers will be just what she wants?  Brides can ease some wedding planning stresses with our suggestions for selecting the best Toledo Wedding Florists.
Simple savings. Use wedding ceremony flowers at reception.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Flowers in Toledo, Made Easy:   
1.       The bride should get to know her specific tastes.  Flipping through bridal magazines and searching the internet is a great way to find color and design schemes.  This initial search isn’t necessarily about selecting the exact wedding flowers, but rather, about choosing attractive styles and colors that tailor to the bride’s preferences. 
2.       What are other people saying?  Browsing wedding websites, such as, is a good way to find highly recommended florists in Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, and other neighboring areas.  Hafner Florist wedding consultants work hard to cater to the unique tastes of each bride (and help her articulate her ideas if she needs some help!).  This year, Hafner Florist was voted by local brides as “The Knot Best of Weddings 2011 Pick” for the second year in a row for Toledo wedding flowers.
3.       Budgets are based on choices.  The most inexpensive florist is not always the best choice for the bride’s wedding flowers.  Luckily, Hafner Florist can work with any budget!  From subtle bloom alternatives to “recycling” wedding flowers from the ceremony in the reception, Hafner experienced consultants have dozens of money-saving options for any bride that in no way compromise the quality of her wedding flowers. 
4.       The bride should pick the florist she enjoys working with.  The bride should pick a florist not only knowledgeable, but enthusiastic about her unique wedding flowers.  Hafner Florist wedding consultants are eager to listen to brides’ ideas and answer questions.  Brides should always remember to pick the florist they feel most comfortable with and most confident in.   
5.       Seeing is believing!  It is important that the wedding consultant provides the bride with samples of the florist’s previous wedding flowers.  During a wedding consultation and subsequent appointments at Hafner Florist, the wedding consultant will provide a multisensory overview of the bride’s wedding flowers including fresh flowers, accents, and a photo album of previous bridal flowers Toledo.  Ultimately, it is essential that the bride has absolute faith in the florist’s ability to deliver breathtaking results – it is one less burden on her shoulders!