Sunday, April 24, 2011

“In Season” in Any Season: Hafner Florist Puts a Twist on Classic Wedding Flower Trends

By Abigail Sterling, Published on April 23, 2011

Like any aesthetic product, wedding flower trends are constantly evolving.  While popular color combinations and floral styles change seasonally, countless brides seek to honor the traditional wedding flower trends that are fitting in any season.  For these brides, Hafner Florist offers a classical twist on color and style to capture the emotions of ageless love and passion.    

Red Rose Centerpiece

Throughout time, red roses have solidified their reputation as the flower symbolizing affection.  Widely appreciated for their beauty and fragrance, roses are the most popular wedding flower.  Hafner Florist offers only the highest-quality roses.  Many brides return from their honeymoons to find their bridal roses as beautiful and healthy as can be!  Brides can achieve this classic flower trend with roses of other colors, too; there are over 100 species of roses, ranging in color from red to violet.  Many species of roses have been cross-pollinated or altered to create hybrid roses, which may have striations or nontraditional hues.  Ultimately, there is a rose for every color scheme.
For brides looking for an “all-natural,” traditional presentation, organic form and color produce an airy, free-flowing style.  Through contrasting and complementary foliages and branching, this wedding flower trend emanates a sense of elegant simplicity.  Mixing unique textures and colors of naturally-occurring flower colors, such as white and light green, creates a soothing, tranquil expression for bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres.  Hafner Florist can produce centerpieces in a bride’s own vintage containers, which allow the bride’s personality to permeate this elegant expression and contribute toward the soothingly natural presentation of organic variety. 
For a dreamlike, fantasy presentation, brides can choose soft and dainty garden flowers, such as pastel roses and peonies.  Graceful, exquisite petals gently bursting with romantic elegance transform any wedding day into a fairytale.  In addition to pastel colors, Hafner Florist can enhance this beautifully elegant expression with the faint glow of submersible arrangement lighting and LED tea-lights, radiating the entire room with dainty, dreamlike charm. 
Despite the many different wedding trends that emphasize color, many brides look to highlight the pure essence of matrimony through a pristine, all-white presentation.  Hafner Florist finds that up to 75% of weddings still use all-white flowers.  This classic flower trend evokes timeless feelings of purity, goodness, and faith.  For brides seeking this wedding trend, Hafner Florist offers dozens of white flowers differing in size, fragrance, and style – such as roses, peonies, stock, and gerber daisies.
No matter the season, classic wedding flower trends remain a popular presentation for brides.  Timeless styles, like “all-natural,” organic looks and the all-white trend, evoke a sense of age-old tradition and elegance.  Hafner Florist is eager to personalize these trends with a bride’s own keepsakes and beautiful accents and accessories.  While current trends are constantly changing, these classic trends are “in season” in any season.      

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hafner Florist Toledo Adds Personality to One-of-a-Kind Wedding Flowers

By Abigail Sterling, Published April 11, 2011

Eiffel Tower Centerpieces allow guests to
see and talk to each other across the table.
Hafner Florist has these vases for rental
and will fill them with flowers of your liking.

Wedding consultants at Hafner Florist quite literally strive to “make bridal dreams come true” by becoming familiar with a bride’s unique tastes, interests, and even hobbies!  A bride’s individual interests, from butterflies to French bulldogs, can be incorporated to create matchlessly breathtaking wedding flowers.  Not only does Hafner Florist look to develop personal relationships with brides, but understanding what makes each bride unique is essential in creating a one-of-a-kind look.
Hafner Florist Toledo works with any bride’s budget to produce the wedding flowers of her dreams through the most resourceful methods.  In dreaming up the perfect wedding, brides should identify the bridal flower features that are most important to them.  That way, wedding consultants can easily accentuate the right focus for each wedding.  For example, brides often “recycle” ceremony pieces during the reception, which creates a unified look that fits well within a bride’s budget.  Discerning a bride’s wedding flower priorities helps wedding consultants generate unique floral presentations that do not put a strain on the budget.            
A bride’s unique wedding tastes can be seamlessly molded into modern, vintage, or traditional styles, depending upon her preferences.  For the modern bride, Hafner Florist produces cutting-edge and contemporary styles brought to life through brilliant color and refreshing presentation.  Similarly, an airy, whimsical presentation of softer tones for a dreamlike, vintage bridal look can be fashioned with a bride’s specific color and stylistic preferences in mind.  Hafner Florist can even adapt traditional styles to any bride’s wedding flower dreams – a look distinguished by red, white, and pink tones to emphasize the sentiments of love and passion.  Brides who are uncertain about which style suits their liking can view wedding flower photos in bridal magazines and on wedding websites, such as The Knot (  Ultimately, getting in touch with her own interests and wedding tastes will help any bride determine the perfect colors and floral trends for her special day.   

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Into Hafner Florist for the Most Popular Spring Wedding Flowers

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published April 4, 2011
April showers bring beautiful bridal flowers this spring at Hafner Florist!  The spring bride may select from stunning and bright spring wedding flower trends that create a fresh, cheerful look.  At Hafner Florist, brides have endless options of colorful, exciting accessories and accents that make any spring Toledo wedding fresh and fun.
Peonies bring good luck
Many popular spring flowers create unique springtime wedding flowers.  For instance, Sweet Peas, Tulips, Hydrangeas, and Hyacinths come in various pastel and vibrant colors and can create breathtaking wedding flower combinations.  For brides seeking to quite literally make a statement with their wedding flowers, many spring flowers have associated meanings and emotions.  Red and yellow Tulips powerfully convey a declaration of love, while soft Peonies bear good luck for a happy marriage.  Additional trendy bridal flower colors for this spring include a soft Robin’s egg blue contrasted with a vibrant red and cheerful yellow beside a neutral gray.  Lime green, black, and white create a refreshing, brilliant wedding flower look.  Aqua, green, and blue are also breathtaking tones that fashion a cool, fresh wedding day presentation. 
Year-round popular bridal flower trends, such as classic reds and whites, can be reinvigorated with spring accessories and accents.  Brides need look no further than Hafner Florist for unique wedding flower extras.  For instance, spring brides can accent wedding flowers with fresh grass and vibrant fruits, like lemons, limes, and apples, for a natural and fresh look.  Butterflies and rhinestones of every color can be added to bouquets to add style and individuality.  The wedding designers at Hafner Florist seek out the most creative accessories in order to make each bride’s spring wedding flowers distinctly her own.            
 For additional insight into the secret floral language, visit the Hafner Florist website.