Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hafner Florist’s Summer Wedding Trends Make a Splash with Bold Color, Whimsical Style

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published July 21, 2011

Dynamic colors and dramatic contrasts are creating a splash with wedding flowers this summer!  Popular summer wedding flower trends emphasize bright hues, such as orange, hot pink, or lime green, to keep ceremony and reception spaces unified and to create a playful, summertime floral presentation.  To recreate the warmth and vividness of the summer months in weddings, brides can make a bold statement with one-color centerpieces and dramatically contrasting colors in the linens.

Beyond the wedding flower colors, Hafner Florist creates a playful presentation with citrus fruits, such as slices and peels from lemons, limes, and oranges in centerpieces.  Such “upscale picnic foods” convey images of relaxation and happiness beneath the warm summer sun.  Wedding designers at Hafner Florist can even utilize other fruits, such as hollowed-out watermelons, to design summery centerpieces with a unique feel.  These centerpieces produce floral presentations bursting with color and liveliness.

Popular summer wedding flower trends emphasize the natural beauty of the outdoors; in addition to citrus fruits, brides can also choose natural wood containers, recycled glass vases, and watering cans or other tins for an organic, rustic feel.  Choosing locally grown herbs, greens, and flowers is not only less expensive and eco-friendly, but it will help ensure the survival of a bride’s flowers in the heat.

Ultimately, summer wedding flower trends highlight the relaxed, playful aspects of such an enjoyable season.  Bright colors convey a joyful, whimsical tone that integrates summertime happiness into any bride’s special day. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hafner Florist is source to stunning Toledo wedding flowers, personable, cheerful service

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published on July 5th, 2011
Floral Centerpieces for June Wedding

At Hafner Florist, the wedding consultant is as excited as the bride about her wedding flowers.  The florist’s balance of creativity, dedication, and experience puts brides at ease.  Even though her wedding fell around one of the biggest floral holidays, a reviewer on notes, “[Hafner Florist] made me feel like [my flowers] were the only flowers they worked on that week.”  Despite the fluctuating nature of the floral business (with undulating events such as funerals and illnesses), Hafner Florist allocates the appropriate amount of time to design stunning wedding flowers – even if it means working late!  Hafner Florist employs a hardworking, passionate staff that is eager to produce wedding flowers that exceed brides’ expectations.  “The owner is such a fun lady and my flowers were perfect!” another reviewer notes.  Ultimately, Hafner Florist is not only the source of gorgeous Toledo wedding flowers, but the wedding florist also provides unbeatably fun and personable service.

Brides should not feel worried if they are unsure about the colors and flowers they want for their weddings.  “I only knew what I wanted for my bouquet,” the former reviewer explains.  “The wedding planners helped me develop ideas that suited my tastes and I couldn’t be happier with the experience.”  With many years of experience and refined creativity, the wedding consultants at Hafner Florist happily tailor any bride’s ideas and tastes to a uniquely satisfying floral presentation.