Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hafner Florist Helps Brides Make the Most of Budgets with Creative, Economical Solutions

 Written by Abigail Sterling, Published May 28, 2011

Ordering the perfect wedding flowers for a bride’s individual budget may seem like a daunting task.  How much of the budget should be allocated for wedding flowers?  What will a bride get for her money?  According to, “[a bride] can plan on spending about 8% of [her] overall budget” on bridal flowers.  Luckily, Hafner Florist provides dozens of wedding flower options and money-saving choices to help brides stay well within their budgets.    

Recent Bridal Bouquet Created By Hafner Florist
While each wedding is unique, many brides seek a bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and ceremony and reception arrangements.  Granting the florist design-flexibility reveals equally beautiful and less costly flower alternatives without devaluing the overall presentation.  For example, using less expensive flowers for large church arrangements that are likely viewed at a distance cuts costs without forsaking style.  Additionally, reusing church arrangements at the reception, such as the unity centerpiece as a head table arrangement or the bridesmaid’s bouquets as centerpieces, helps brides make the most of their budgets.

For the bride considering specific flowers that will be out of growing season on her wedding date, Hafner Florist can suggest seasonal, locally grown alternatives that are equally stunning and less costly.  Often, out-of-season flowers are difficult for the florist to locate (though certainly not impossible, lack in quality, and are more expensive (because they are out-of-season).  Hafner Florist wedding consultants are well-informed about the different growing seasons and can offer various substitutions that will help brides stay within their wedding flower budgets.  Concerning the seasons, another important factor for brides to consider is the date of their weddings in relation to holidays.  Typically, flower prices are higher around major floral holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, due to the increase in supply and demand.  When setting a wedding date, brides should be mindful of such influences on floral prices.

In additional to methods for cutting costs on flowers, Hafner Florist provides the option to rent a wide variety of vases, exhibition pillars, and other pricey items.  Renting these items not only eliminates the bride’s hassle of handling them, but it also leaves more of the wedding flower budget for just that – the flowers!  Ultimately, Hafner Florist seeks to accommodate all budgets by offering creative alternatives without diminishing style and elegance.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hafner Florist Offers Endless Varieties of Rental Items, Bouquet Accessories to Enhance Any Wedding Flower Look

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published May 16, 2011

Tree Votive Holder Centerpiece

For brides seeking cost-conscious convenience, Hafner Florist offers a wide variety of rentable items, such as vases of virtually any shape and size, disposable candles, and votive cups.  Renting these items allocates a bride’s wedding flower budget toward breathtaking, exquisite flowers instead of costly accessory purchases.  Instead of hunting for expensive, hard-to-find items such as a flower-adorned wedding arch, decorative mirrors, and pillars to exhibit large arrangements, Hafner Florist offers brides the option of renting these items, which eliminates the hassle and ensures a unified, one-of-a-kind wedding presentation for every bride.

The sky is the limit when it comes to vase options for centerpieces.  Hafner Florist presents many unique vase styles, including Eiffel tower vases for a sleek, soaring look, bubble balls for a short, round style, and pilsner vases, which are among the most popular wedding vases.  Rentable 6-foot tall table trees and wrought-iron votive trees create a charmed, enchanted look that is sure to make any wedding day memorable.  Regardless of a bride’s individual preferences, Hafner Florist offers various rentable vase styles to complement any unique look.

In addition to rentable items, brides can customize their bridal flowers with various trendy bouquet accessories, including butterflies, colorful wire, and rhinestones.  Eccentric accessories highlight the beauty of wedding flowers while contributing to the overall originality of the floral presentation.  For example, rhinestones and pearls placed carefully in the center of stephanotis blooms and roses add a touch of elegance to any wedding design.  Similarly, colored feathers are beginning to make a comeback, giving wedding flowers chic flair. 

Another option for wedding flower customization is the integration of a bride’s memorable keepsakes.  Hafner Florist often incorporates keepsake charms, jewelry, and other items into bridal flowers.  What better way to tailor wedding flowers to a bride’s personality and tastes than to integrate her own meaningful items?

Treasure Chest for your cards. Hafner Florist rents these
out and adds flowers to match your wedding colors.
From flower-adorned wedding arches to the most stylish bouquet accessories, Hafner Florist provides reasonably-priced alternatives for every budget.  Hafner Florist seeks to fulfill each bride’s wedding flower dreams by offering rentable items that eliminate the hassle of finding, purchasing, and handling.  Additionally, bouquets can be enhanced with the integration of trendy accessories and a bride’s memorable keepsakes.  Regardless of a bride’s tastes, these items surely unify and accentuate any wedding flower look.           

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hafner Florist Eases Wedding Flower Stress with Fun Staff and Creative, Affordable Design

By Abigail Sterling, Published on May 10, 2011

Recent wedding flower design by Hafner Florist
Not all bridal “to-do” tasks have to be stressful and expensive.  Hafner Florist aims to make the wedding flower process exciting and fun for the Northwest Ohio bride-to-be.  “They were wonderful to work with.  They know how to listen to a bride and her mom, something that is not always easy,” a reviewer on says about Hafner Florist.  Through consultations, Kelli and Beth combine their experience, talent, and creativity in order to tailor wedding flowers to brides’ specific tastes.  “I simply gave [Kelli] a list of the colors and flowers that I liked, but I figured that she is the expert and would do a great job, and I was right!” a bride notes on  Hafner Florist eliminates bridal worries with the designers’ vast talents and fresh creativity, producing a pleasant experience for each bride.  Brides can feel at ease knowing that they will have unique and long-lasting flowers for their special day.

Wedding flowers at Hafner Florist are also affordable.  “They were fair and very honest about costs,” the reviewer from acknowledges.  Regardless of a bride’s needs, Hafner Florist can customize flower orders to fit particular wedding dimensions:  “All I needed were bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages,” the bride discloses.  Hafner Florist can adapt wedding flower orders regardless of size and amount in order to fulfill the bride’s wishes and budget.  “The prices are comparable to many of the other florists in the area,” the same bride notes.  Ultimately, Hafner Florist seeks to provide an affordable and enjoyable wedding flower process for each bride.