Monday, December 26, 2011

Hafner Florist Captures Winter Sparkle in Toledo Wedding Designs

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published on December 26th, 2011

This winter season, brides-to-be can explore a variety of colors and themes for both holiday and non-holiday weddings.  Pinecones, berries, winter greenery, and bare branching will accent any green, red, white, and metallic color schemes and evoke the coziness and sparkle of the season.  In order to maintain the romance and elegance of the special day and avoid a look resembling Santa’s workshop, brides should remember, “Less is more”:  utilizing full white blooms such as hydrangeas and red amaryllis will express both holiday glamour and timeless love.  The professional wedding consultants at Hafner Florist can easily create floral combinations that convey the sophistication and cheer of the season. 

 Many popular trends seemingly deemed “spring and summer only” can be accomplished easily with winter patterns, colors, and flowers.  Toledo wedding florists adapt the popular “green” floral trend with winter greens, branching, pinecones, berries, and other natural elements.  Such organic accents will not only add visually pleasing diversity, but also will captivate guests with the homely, fresh aroma of balsam, cedar, and other woodsy scents.  Warm candlelight provides a lovely balance for the chilly metallic tones and natural accents, warming the room and adding a sparkling quality to transparent beads and clear vases that reflects in glittering flickers across the tables.  In addition to traditional candles, Hafner Florist offers submersible LED candles that add a unique romantic glow to centerpieces.  Bathing flowers, greens, and accents in candlelight unifies winter wedding themes.   

Having a wedding in Northwest Ohio or Southeastern Michigan?  For additional information regarding Hafner Florist’s wedding flowers, visit the Hafner Florist Weddings website or find Hafner Florist on Facebook.            

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hafner Florist Offers Vivid Contrasts, Interesting Textures to Create Unique Fall Wedding Flower Trends

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published November 17, 2011

At a glance, flower options for the autumn bride may seem limited to dark, lifeless blooms.  However, Hafner Florist redefines fall wedding flower trends this season with dramatic texture and color contrasts.  Popular fall colors such as mustard, coral, phlox, and pale lavender paired with deep, rich tones like crimson, coffee, and sage create vivid contrasts that evoke the coziness of fall.  Luckily, many “classic” wedding flowers with accompanying sentiments of love and fortune, such as roses, calla lilies, hydrangeas, and dahlias, come in a variety of these colors.  In sequential order, these flowers are symbolic of joy, understanding, purity of marriage, and infinite bond; all are grown in colorful hues perfect for any Northwest Ohio fall wedding flowers.   

Fall trends not only mimic the bold colors of changing leaves, but also demonstrate the varying textures of these leaves, adding depth and interest to any autumnal colors.  Integrating the popular “green” trend, which emphasizes a variety of leaves, greens, and pods, into these fall trends adds unique, dramatic beauty.  Designers can also utilize accessories, such as velvety ribbon, to create texture. 

Having a wedding in Northwest Ohio or Southeastern Michigan? For additional information regarding Hafner Florist’s wedding flowers, visit the Hafner Florist Weddings website or find Hafner Florist on Facebook.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Seasonal Wedding Flowers from Hafner Florist Provide High-Quality, Unique Look for Toledo Brides

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published October 31st, 2011

When choosing wedding flowers, many brides who seek a unique style look immediately to exotic and tropical blooms.  Indeed, rare flowers create a striking floral presentation for any wedding; however, the quality of such out-of-season flowers is difficult to predict and they are usually pricy.  Brides often ignore the infinite possibilities of locally grown, seasonal blooms in the Toledo area.  Seasonal flowers work beautifully with (and often influence!) current wedding trends, such as the popular natural “green” presentation featuring branching, various shades of foliage, and an overall airy design.  For additional information on trendy wedding styles, visit the Hafner Florist weddings website.
While seasonal, locally grown flowers are easily accessible to Toledo wedding florists, it does not mean they are overused or ordinary!  Instead, these unique, quality blooms are often overshadowed by the enticing glamour of unusual, out-of-season flowers that are typically more expensive than seasonal flowers.  Popular Toledo wedding flower trends emphasize colors that make a bold statement – something that designers can readily achieve with high-value, local flowers.  It is recommended that brides with particular flowers in mind set their wedding dates when the flowers are seasonally grown to ensure quality – they can simply ask Hafner Florist designers, who are well-versed on the flowers and their seasons.  Wedding designers can identify quality, ideal seasonal blooms for brides that have not selected specific flowers but know their color palette.  As an added bonus, brides can feel good about choosing seasonal, local flowers too, because such purchases support nearby growers and the economy. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cutting-Edge Designs, Friendly Professionalism are Essentials for Stunning Wedding Flowers at Hafner Florist in Toledo

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published October 19th, 2011

With so many Toledo wedding florists to choose from, how do brides-to-be select the right florist for their special day?  Because many wedding florists design in their own style, choosing the perfect wedding florist can seem overwhelming for Toledo’s brides-to-be.  Understanding a bride’s own wishes for her wedding flowers is the first step in determining the best match.  Identifying the right wedding florist can be easy and enjoyable with desired characteristics of service and product in mind.

Hafner Florist’s wedding consultants, nicknamed “creative angels,” not only produce cutting-edge floral designs, but also stretch the value of the bride’s dollar – not her budget!  The Toledo wedding florist provides brides with their dream wedding flowers without the enormous expense.  At Hafner Florist, creative minds generate novel, trendy solutions that also satisfy a bride’s unique budget.   

Perhaps most important is the wedding florist’s knowledge of the business and design capabilities.  The ideal wedding florist has years of experience producing exquisite floral designs with quality flowers, foliage, and accent materials.  In addition to an experienced staff, Hafner Florist wedding designers attend seminars and classes to stay up-to-date with current trends and thus help define future styles and themes.  Their decades of wedding flower experience has revealed “tried-and-true” secrets and design methods that make Hafner Florist wedding designs long-lasting and impossibly stunning.

What complements design knowledge better than friendly professionalism?  The best Toledo wedding florist effortlessly balances kindness with professionalism to provide a relaxed, yet productive relationship with each bride-to-be.  Hafner Florist values each bride, and her special day, and seeks to deliver a unique product smoothly and timely.  Before the wedding day, wedding designers learn particular preparation details, such as the scheduled photo time and bridal party dressing rooms to ensure that different floral products are placed in helpful locations.  Wedding consultants check orders not once, not twice, but three times before delivery in order to ensure accuracy and sustained quality.  Because flowers are naturally occurring and thus somewhat unpredictable, wedding designers carry extra flowers on delivery in the event that a stem or two needs replaced.  Ultimately, Hafner Florist takes extraordinary measures to ensure matchless wedding flowers for each bride’s wedding day.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Flowers for Weddings of all Colors and Sizes

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published September 26th, 2011

Wedding flowers are not a cookie-cutter product.  For years, Hafner Florist has worked alongside brides to bring the most exceptional floral creations to life in the Northwest Ohio area.  Big or small, fresh flowers or silk – wedding consultants at Hafner Florist produce creative designs and a “no headache, great finished product,” as a bride explains on  The same bride acknowledges the professionalism with which Beth Hafner responded to her particular wedding flower needs:  “Beth never blinked an eye about taking on a smaller wedding order; in fact, she approached it as she would any other wedding order and made sure we got exactly what we wanted at a very fair price.”  Not only can Hafner Florist essentially work with any color scheme, but also, the wedding florist can adjust to different sizes without “blinking an eye.”

Unique situations, such as destination weddings, prove to be no problem at Hafner Florist.  “Hafner’s used silk flowers for my ceremony and then used real flowers for my reception back home,” another bride reveals in a review on  Unique circumstances surrounding each wedding are understood and accepted at Hafner Florist; wedding consultants eagerly seek to provide creative, breathtaking floral designs for every bride.  “Beth was the only one with an open door policy,” the review states.  In order to achieve the bride’s stylistic dreams, Hafner Florist’s wedding consultants are available by telephone or in person.  For initial consultations, brides can contacteither the Sylvania or the Holland store to set up an appointment.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hafner Florist Voted 'Best of Toledo Florist' for Excellent Service, Friendly Staff

Written by Abigail Sterling, published September 16, 2011

Customers in the Toledo area and beyond acknowledge the exceptional service and quality product they receive from Hafner Florist not only through online reviews, but also through various prestigious awards.  This past February, Toledo City Paper readers voted Hafner Florist the “best florist” for the paper’s annual Best of Toledo awards.  “It’s about giving great customer service and sharing our small shop personality,” Dan Hafner, owner of Hafner Florist explains.  By providing helpful, pleasant service and a superior floral product, Hafner Florist has fine-tuned its image as the local, friendly florist serving the Northwest Ohio area.  In order to both honor past customer loyalty and foster new relationships, Hafner Florist offers ‘Free Rose Wednesdays,’ during which customers can visit either location in Sylvania or Holland and receive one free rose upon a “free rose Wednesday” request.  Additionally, customers will be invited to enter to win one dozen roses.  For every 100 entrants, one winner will receive twelve long lasting, stunning roses.  Since opening in 1992, Hafner Florist has continued to provide unique floral design in a welcoming environment for both long-time and first-time customers.    

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cheerful, Bold Colors Provide Perfect Palate for Summer Weddings

Written by Abigail Sterling, August 29, 2011
Popular Summer Wedding Colors
While traditional wedding colors remain as popular as ever, selecting bright, cheerful colors provides the perfect palate for a summer wedding.  This summer, brides put a twist on classic summertime wedding themes by selecting trendy colors, such as lavender, peapod, and coral.
Brides can revitalize recycled summer themes, such as beach and garden looks, with unique color combinations.  Replacing popular aqua with a more unique regatta blue will refresh any color combination in the summer heat.  Other fashionable colors, such as beeswax orange and russet brown, provide bold contrasts for dramatic summer wedding colors.     
Additionally, a bride’s keepsakes, such as beach pails and seashells from childhood summer adventures, add a touch of personality to her summer wedding.  Lanterns at a reception evoke memories of warm summer nights spent beneath the starry sky.  Brides can create a nostalgic, playful atmosphere by including whimsical reminders of the past.  Such attributes create relaxing images of summertime fun.
Essentially, there are unlimited options for one-of-a-kind summer wedding colors.  Once selected, these colors serve as the foundation for the overall atmosphere and appearance of the wedding.  In order to create the look and feel of a bride’s dream summer wedding, she should seek to integrate her own summer memories and experiences into this important wedding aspect.         

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hafner Florist’s Summer Wedding Trends Make a Splash with Bold Color, Whimsical Style

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published July 21, 2011

Dynamic colors and dramatic contrasts are creating a splash with wedding flowers this summer!  Popular summer wedding flower trends emphasize bright hues, such as orange, hot pink, or lime green, to keep ceremony and reception spaces unified and to create a playful, summertime floral presentation.  To recreate the warmth and vividness of the summer months in weddings, brides can make a bold statement with one-color centerpieces and dramatically contrasting colors in the linens.

Beyond the wedding flower colors, Hafner Florist creates a playful presentation with citrus fruits, such as slices and peels from lemons, limes, and oranges in centerpieces.  Such “upscale picnic foods” convey images of relaxation and happiness beneath the warm summer sun.  Wedding designers at Hafner Florist can even utilize other fruits, such as hollowed-out watermelons, to design summery centerpieces with a unique feel.  These centerpieces produce floral presentations bursting with color and liveliness.

Popular summer wedding flower trends emphasize the natural beauty of the outdoors; in addition to citrus fruits, brides can also choose natural wood containers, recycled glass vases, and watering cans or other tins for an organic, rustic feel.  Choosing locally grown herbs, greens, and flowers is not only less expensive and eco-friendly, but it will help ensure the survival of a bride’s flowers in the heat.

Ultimately, summer wedding flower trends highlight the relaxed, playful aspects of such an enjoyable season.  Bright colors convey a joyful, whimsical tone that integrates summertime happiness into any bride’s special day. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hafner Florist is source to stunning Toledo wedding flowers, personable, cheerful service

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published on July 5th, 2011
Floral Centerpieces for June Wedding

At Hafner Florist, the wedding consultant is as excited as the bride about her wedding flowers.  The florist’s balance of creativity, dedication, and experience puts brides at ease.  Even though her wedding fell around one of the biggest floral holidays, a reviewer on notes, “[Hafner Florist] made me feel like [my flowers] were the only flowers they worked on that week.”  Despite the fluctuating nature of the floral business (with undulating events such as funerals and illnesses), Hafner Florist allocates the appropriate amount of time to design stunning wedding flowers – even if it means working late!  Hafner Florist employs a hardworking, passionate staff that is eager to produce wedding flowers that exceed brides’ expectations.  “The owner is such a fun lady and my flowers were perfect!” another reviewer notes.  Ultimately, Hafner Florist is not only the source of gorgeous Toledo wedding flowers, but the wedding florist also provides unbeatably fun and personable service.

Brides should not feel worried if they are unsure about the colors and flowers they want for their weddings.  “I only knew what I wanted for my bouquet,” the former reviewer explains.  “The wedding planners helped me develop ideas that suited my tastes and I couldn’t be happier with the experience.”  With many years of experience and refined creativity, the wedding consultants at Hafner Florist happily tailor any bride’s ideas and tastes to a uniquely satisfying floral presentation.     


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hafner Florist’s Allison Holmes learns from best Toledo wedding florist, develops own unique wedding design style

Written By Abigail Sterling, Published on June 30, 2011

Summertime Hafner Florist bouquet
Over time, employees foster their own floral creativity working alongside the best Toledo wedding designers at Hafner Florist.  Such is the case with Allison Holmes, a 1999 graduate of the floriculture course at the Toledo Agricultural Education Center.  Since her start at Hafner Florist in 2004, Allison’s cheerful personality, unique floral creativity, and extraordinary work ethic have transformed her from exceptional salesperson to cultured Hafner Florist wedding designer.  Skilled wedding designers, such as Beth Hafner and Kelli Baker, have helped shape Allison’s unique talent and passion, making her a valuable member of the Hafner Florist wedding team.  Recently, Allison has started taking wedding consultations with brides-to-be, tailoring her own wedding floral flair to unique bridal flower dreams.  Her personable, jovial approach to her work makes the wedding flower process enjoyable for any bride.  To make an appointment with Allison, Beth, or Kelli, visit the Hafner Florist Wedding Website and fill out the simple information form.          

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hafner Florist Launches ‘Free Rose Wednesdays’

Sylvania, Ohio (June 8, 2011)Hafner Florist is Toledo’s innovative and cutting-edge florist, creating beautiful flower design for over 19 years. They are the premier, locally owned florist specializing in one-of-a-kind wedding work, distinctive funeral arrangements, as well as unique floral designs for birthdays, anniversaries and many other occasions throughout the year. Providing memorable and exquisite floral accessories, accents, bouquets, table decorations and more in the Toledo Metropolitan area, Hafner Florist has been in operation since 1992.
Serving local customers in and around the Toledo area for nearly two decades, Hafner Florist has chosen to spread the love, thankfulness, respect, and friendship through roses by launching ‘Free Rose Wednesdays’. Beginning today, Wednesday, June 8th, 2011, anyone can visit either location – South Main Street in Sylvania or Airport Highway at Holloway Road in Holland – to receive a free rose on Wednesdays. In addition to a free rose, everyone who comes into the stores will be invited to fill out an entry form to win one dozen roses. For every 100 people to enter, a name will be drawn to receive a Free Dozen Roses.* (*No purchase necessary.)

Dan Hafner, owner of Hafner Florist shares the keys to their success. “It’s about giving great customer service, sharing our small shop personality, and doing everything we can to make our customers happy by having a floral design staff with an unsurpassed amount of experience. “  Kelli Baker has been with Hafner Florist for six years and has over 20 years of experience. As a designer, she has a precise attention to detail and attends annual flower conventions to keep up on the latest trends and design. Judie Barrett has been a designer for Hafner Florist since 1994. Her exquisite design expertise has been shared with the White House to decorate for celebrations over the years and is now being passed on to customers in the Toledo Metropolitan Area. Last, but not least, Beth Hafner is the heart and soul of the design team. Beth has been a floral design consultant for 30 years, which gives her a beat on keeping the team effort in place to make every floral occasion extra special.
If you’re in need of flowers for any occasion, visit Hafner Florist to experience what it means to work with a warm and friendly local florist firsthand. The Hafner Florist team offers budget flexibility for the cost-conscious customer, high quality imported and domestic blossoms to create just the right look for each special occasion, and a staff of designers who create floral arrangements in-tune with your individual style and personality. 

Have a special occasion? Schedule your flower consultation with Hafner Florist today. Email Hafner Florist; call either of their locations serving the Toledo area -- Holland at 419.865.3264 or Sylvania at 419.885.7033; or visit their website to learn more about them and fill out a simple introductory form. 

About Hafner Florist:
Hafner Florist has been providing memorable and exquisite floral accessories, accents, bouquets and table decorations for special events since 1992. They are the premier, locally owned florist serving customers in the Toledo Metropolitan area. Now in Holland and Sylvania, Ohio, they are creating the best floral memories around Northwest Ohio.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Picking the Perfect Wedding Colors: Hafner Florist Helps Toledo Area Brides Find a Bold, Dramatic Balance

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published June 2, 2011

Hafner Florist Designs Beautiful Bridal Flowers for Toledo

As the unifying element to any wedding, the wedding flower colors derive from a combination of a bride’s stylistic tastes and seasonal trends.  Brides often find inspiration for this important bridal component in the most unlikely places.  After determining colors that brides do and don’t like, Hafner Florist transforms personal color preferences into bold and beautiful wedding flowers. 

First, brides should become very familiar with their wedding and reception locations, according to  What is the lighting in the space like?  Is the location stylistically modern or traditional?  What mood does the bride seek to set in the space?  Because different locations set unique moods, brides can select wedding flower colors that enhance the aesthetic quality of the place.  Because Hafner Florist has developed many close relationships with most churches and halls in the Toledo area, the wedding consultants are familiar with the décor in these establishments and can help brides determine complementary colors.  It is important to consider the décor and color palate of each location in order to develop harmonizing wedding flower colors that unify the mood and tone of the wedding day.

The next step is to identify a bride’s individual preferences.  Inspiration can derive from many places – a fabric store or the produce section at the grocery store, for example.  Ultimately, brides should identify colors that make them happy.  What is the color of a bride’s bedspread?  Her kitchen placemats?  Inspiration can come from the simplest places, too.

Keeping it simple – three or four colors, tops – is the best way to ensure a unified wedding flower color scheme.  These colors should be balanced between bold and softer, more neutral hues to be aesthetically pleasing instead of “over-the-top.”  Currently popular color combinations include navy blue/hot pink/magenta, white/light-green, yellow/silver/black, and teal/magenta.  Hafner Florist offers a wide variety of flowers, foliages, and accessories to bring these trends (and many more!) to life.  For more information concerning popular color trends, visit the Hafner Florist Trends Page.  After identifying her wedding flower colors, a bride can experiment with different shades and textures to add depth.  Wedding consultants at Hafner Florist can suggest a variety of flowers, accessories, and foliages that heighten the dramatic effect of any color scheme.  

When discussing her wedding flower colors with the wedding consultant, the bride should have in mind the number of people in the wedding party who will need flowers.  This number helps the wedding consultant determine the right balance of each color in every piece so that the color scheme is well balanced and unified.  Regardless of a bride’s color preferences, Hafner Florist can achieve a unique presentation that any bride is sure to love.   

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hafner Florist Helps Brides Make the Most of Budgets with Creative, Economical Solutions

 Written by Abigail Sterling, Published May 28, 2011

Ordering the perfect wedding flowers for a bride’s individual budget may seem like a daunting task.  How much of the budget should be allocated for wedding flowers?  What will a bride get for her money?  According to, “[a bride] can plan on spending about 8% of [her] overall budget” on bridal flowers.  Luckily, Hafner Florist provides dozens of wedding flower options and money-saving choices to help brides stay well within their budgets.    

Recent Bridal Bouquet Created By Hafner Florist
While each wedding is unique, many brides seek a bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and ceremony and reception arrangements.  Granting the florist design-flexibility reveals equally beautiful and less costly flower alternatives without devaluing the overall presentation.  For example, using less expensive flowers for large church arrangements that are likely viewed at a distance cuts costs without forsaking style.  Additionally, reusing church arrangements at the reception, such as the unity centerpiece as a head table arrangement or the bridesmaid’s bouquets as centerpieces, helps brides make the most of their budgets.

For the bride considering specific flowers that will be out of growing season on her wedding date, Hafner Florist can suggest seasonal, locally grown alternatives that are equally stunning and less costly.  Often, out-of-season flowers are difficult for the florist to locate (though certainly not impossible, lack in quality, and are more expensive (because they are out-of-season).  Hafner Florist wedding consultants are well-informed about the different growing seasons and can offer various substitutions that will help brides stay within their wedding flower budgets.  Concerning the seasons, another important factor for brides to consider is the date of their weddings in relation to holidays.  Typically, flower prices are higher around major floral holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, due to the increase in supply and demand.  When setting a wedding date, brides should be mindful of such influences on floral prices.

In additional to methods for cutting costs on flowers, Hafner Florist provides the option to rent a wide variety of vases, exhibition pillars, and other pricey items.  Renting these items not only eliminates the bride’s hassle of handling them, but it also leaves more of the wedding flower budget for just that – the flowers!  Ultimately, Hafner Florist seeks to accommodate all budgets by offering creative alternatives without diminishing style and elegance.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hafner Florist Offers Endless Varieties of Rental Items, Bouquet Accessories to Enhance Any Wedding Flower Look

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published May 16, 2011

Tree Votive Holder Centerpiece

For brides seeking cost-conscious convenience, Hafner Florist offers a wide variety of rentable items, such as vases of virtually any shape and size, disposable candles, and votive cups.  Renting these items allocates a bride’s wedding flower budget toward breathtaking, exquisite flowers instead of costly accessory purchases.  Instead of hunting for expensive, hard-to-find items such as a flower-adorned wedding arch, decorative mirrors, and pillars to exhibit large arrangements, Hafner Florist offers brides the option of renting these items, which eliminates the hassle and ensures a unified, one-of-a-kind wedding presentation for every bride.

The sky is the limit when it comes to vase options for centerpieces.  Hafner Florist presents many unique vase styles, including Eiffel tower vases for a sleek, soaring look, bubble balls for a short, round style, and pilsner vases, which are among the most popular wedding vases.  Rentable 6-foot tall table trees and wrought-iron votive trees create a charmed, enchanted look that is sure to make any wedding day memorable.  Regardless of a bride’s individual preferences, Hafner Florist offers various rentable vase styles to complement any unique look.

In addition to rentable items, brides can customize their bridal flowers with various trendy bouquet accessories, including butterflies, colorful wire, and rhinestones.  Eccentric accessories highlight the beauty of wedding flowers while contributing to the overall originality of the floral presentation.  For example, rhinestones and pearls placed carefully in the center of stephanotis blooms and roses add a touch of elegance to any wedding design.  Similarly, colored feathers are beginning to make a comeback, giving wedding flowers chic flair. 

Another option for wedding flower customization is the integration of a bride’s memorable keepsakes.  Hafner Florist often incorporates keepsake charms, jewelry, and other items into bridal flowers.  What better way to tailor wedding flowers to a bride’s personality and tastes than to integrate her own meaningful items?

Treasure Chest for your cards. Hafner Florist rents these
out and adds flowers to match your wedding colors.
From flower-adorned wedding arches to the most stylish bouquet accessories, Hafner Florist provides reasonably-priced alternatives for every budget.  Hafner Florist seeks to fulfill each bride’s wedding flower dreams by offering rentable items that eliminate the hassle of finding, purchasing, and handling.  Additionally, bouquets can be enhanced with the integration of trendy accessories and a bride’s memorable keepsakes.  Regardless of a bride’s tastes, these items surely unify and accentuate any wedding flower look.           

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hafner Florist Eases Wedding Flower Stress with Fun Staff and Creative, Affordable Design

By Abigail Sterling, Published on May 10, 2011

Recent wedding flower design by Hafner Florist
Not all bridal “to-do” tasks have to be stressful and expensive.  Hafner Florist aims to make the wedding flower process exciting and fun for the Northwest Ohio bride-to-be.  “They were wonderful to work with.  They know how to listen to a bride and her mom, something that is not always easy,” a reviewer on says about Hafner Florist.  Through consultations, Kelli and Beth combine their experience, talent, and creativity in order to tailor wedding flowers to brides’ specific tastes.  “I simply gave [Kelli] a list of the colors and flowers that I liked, but I figured that she is the expert and would do a great job, and I was right!” a bride notes on  Hafner Florist eliminates bridal worries with the designers’ vast talents and fresh creativity, producing a pleasant experience for each bride.  Brides can feel at ease knowing that they will have unique and long-lasting flowers for their special day.

Wedding flowers at Hafner Florist are also affordable.  “They were fair and very honest about costs,” the reviewer from acknowledges.  Regardless of a bride’s needs, Hafner Florist can customize flower orders to fit particular wedding dimensions:  “All I needed were bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages,” the bride discloses.  Hafner Florist can adapt wedding flower orders regardless of size and amount in order to fulfill the bride’s wishes and budget.  “The prices are comparable to many of the other florists in the area,” the same bride notes.  Ultimately, Hafner Florist seeks to provide an affordable and enjoyable wedding flower process for each bride.  

Sunday, April 24, 2011

“In Season” in Any Season: Hafner Florist Puts a Twist on Classic Wedding Flower Trends

By Abigail Sterling, Published on April 23, 2011

Like any aesthetic product, wedding flower trends are constantly evolving.  While popular color combinations and floral styles change seasonally, countless brides seek to honor the traditional wedding flower trends that are fitting in any season.  For these brides, Hafner Florist offers a classical twist on color and style to capture the emotions of ageless love and passion.    

Red Rose Centerpiece

Throughout time, red roses have solidified their reputation as the flower symbolizing affection.  Widely appreciated for their beauty and fragrance, roses are the most popular wedding flower.  Hafner Florist offers only the highest-quality roses.  Many brides return from their honeymoons to find their bridal roses as beautiful and healthy as can be!  Brides can achieve this classic flower trend with roses of other colors, too; there are over 100 species of roses, ranging in color from red to violet.  Many species of roses have been cross-pollinated or altered to create hybrid roses, which may have striations or nontraditional hues.  Ultimately, there is a rose for every color scheme.
For brides looking for an “all-natural,” traditional presentation, organic form and color produce an airy, free-flowing style.  Through contrasting and complementary foliages and branching, this wedding flower trend emanates a sense of elegant simplicity.  Mixing unique textures and colors of naturally-occurring flower colors, such as white and light green, creates a soothing, tranquil expression for bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres.  Hafner Florist can produce centerpieces in a bride’s own vintage containers, which allow the bride’s personality to permeate this elegant expression and contribute toward the soothingly natural presentation of organic variety. 
For a dreamlike, fantasy presentation, brides can choose soft and dainty garden flowers, such as pastel roses and peonies.  Graceful, exquisite petals gently bursting with romantic elegance transform any wedding day into a fairytale.  In addition to pastel colors, Hafner Florist can enhance this beautifully elegant expression with the faint glow of submersible arrangement lighting and LED tea-lights, radiating the entire room with dainty, dreamlike charm. 
Despite the many different wedding trends that emphasize color, many brides look to highlight the pure essence of matrimony through a pristine, all-white presentation.  Hafner Florist finds that up to 75% of weddings still use all-white flowers.  This classic flower trend evokes timeless feelings of purity, goodness, and faith.  For brides seeking this wedding trend, Hafner Florist offers dozens of white flowers differing in size, fragrance, and style – such as roses, peonies, stock, and gerber daisies.
No matter the season, classic wedding flower trends remain a popular presentation for brides.  Timeless styles, like “all-natural,” organic looks and the all-white trend, evoke a sense of age-old tradition and elegance.  Hafner Florist is eager to personalize these trends with a bride’s own keepsakes and beautiful accents and accessories.  While current trends are constantly changing, these classic trends are “in season” in any season.      

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hafner Florist Toledo Adds Personality to One-of-a-Kind Wedding Flowers

By Abigail Sterling, Published April 11, 2011

Eiffel Tower Centerpieces allow guests to
see and talk to each other across the table.
Hafner Florist has these vases for rental
and will fill them with flowers of your liking.

Wedding consultants at Hafner Florist quite literally strive to “make bridal dreams come true” by becoming familiar with a bride’s unique tastes, interests, and even hobbies!  A bride’s individual interests, from butterflies to French bulldogs, can be incorporated to create matchlessly breathtaking wedding flowers.  Not only does Hafner Florist look to develop personal relationships with brides, but understanding what makes each bride unique is essential in creating a one-of-a-kind look.
Hafner Florist Toledo works with any bride’s budget to produce the wedding flowers of her dreams through the most resourceful methods.  In dreaming up the perfect wedding, brides should identify the bridal flower features that are most important to them.  That way, wedding consultants can easily accentuate the right focus for each wedding.  For example, brides often “recycle” ceremony pieces during the reception, which creates a unified look that fits well within a bride’s budget.  Discerning a bride’s wedding flower priorities helps wedding consultants generate unique floral presentations that do not put a strain on the budget.            
A bride’s unique wedding tastes can be seamlessly molded into modern, vintage, or traditional styles, depending upon her preferences.  For the modern bride, Hafner Florist produces cutting-edge and contemporary styles brought to life through brilliant color and refreshing presentation.  Similarly, an airy, whimsical presentation of softer tones for a dreamlike, vintage bridal look can be fashioned with a bride’s specific color and stylistic preferences in mind.  Hafner Florist can even adapt traditional styles to any bride’s wedding flower dreams – a look distinguished by red, white, and pink tones to emphasize the sentiments of love and passion.  Brides who are uncertain about which style suits their liking can view wedding flower photos in bridal magazines and on wedding websites, such as The Knot (  Ultimately, getting in touch with her own interests and wedding tastes will help any bride determine the perfect colors and floral trends for her special day.   

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Into Hafner Florist for the Most Popular Spring Wedding Flowers

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published April 4, 2011
April showers bring beautiful bridal flowers this spring at Hafner Florist!  The spring bride may select from stunning and bright spring wedding flower trends that create a fresh, cheerful look.  At Hafner Florist, brides have endless options of colorful, exciting accessories and accents that make any spring Toledo wedding fresh and fun.
Peonies bring good luck
Many popular spring flowers create unique springtime wedding flowers.  For instance, Sweet Peas, Tulips, Hydrangeas, and Hyacinths come in various pastel and vibrant colors and can create breathtaking wedding flower combinations.  For brides seeking to quite literally make a statement with their wedding flowers, many spring flowers have associated meanings and emotions.  Red and yellow Tulips powerfully convey a declaration of love, while soft Peonies bear good luck for a happy marriage.  Additional trendy bridal flower colors for this spring include a soft Robin’s egg blue contrasted with a vibrant red and cheerful yellow beside a neutral gray.  Lime green, black, and white create a refreshing, brilliant wedding flower look.  Aqua, green, and blue are also breathtaking tones that fashion a cool, fresh wedding day presentation. 
Year-round popular bridal flower trends, such as classic reds and whites, can be reinvigorated with spring accessories and accents.  Brides need look no further than Hafner Florist for unique wedding flower extras.  For instance, spring brides can accent wedding flowers with fresh grass and vibrant fruits, like lemons, limes, and apples, for a natural and fresh look.  Butterflies and rhinestones of every color can be added to bouquets to add style and individuality.  The wedding designers at Hafner Florist seek out the most creative accessories in order to make each bride’s spring wedding flowers distinctly her own.            
 For additional insight into the secret floral language, visit the Hafner Florist website.        

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hafner Florist is The Knot Best of Wedding Pick for Toledo Florists

Hafner Florist Toledo
By Abigail Sterling, Published March 30th, 2011
Since it was founded in 1996, The Knot ( has offered engaged couples an accessible planning solution for the seemingly overwhelming number of wedding tasks.  Through magazines, books, and the website, The Knot provides couples with thousands of wedding fashions and trends, access to local vendors and resources, and personalized checklists, budgeters, and other managing tools to put the fun back into wedding planning.
The Knot is not only a tool for engaged couples, but it is also a promotional springboard for wedding vendors.  The Knot promotes over 13,000 local florists, photographers, reception sites and more in 50 cities.  Website members may write honest reviews for wedding vendors they use.  As “the Internet’s most-trafficked one-stop wedding planning solution,” the Toledo florists on The Knot receive a large amount of customer exposure.  For the second year in a row, Hafner Florist was voted by local brides as “The Knot Best of Weddings Pick” award for florists.  The Knot interviewed thousands of brides across the U.S. and in the Toledo area to honestly rate the vendors they used for their weddings.
Recently engaged couples need-only read the shining reviews about Hafner Florist to learn what makes them the popular choice for bridal flowers in Toledo and surrounding areas.  The Hafner Florist team offers budget flexibility for the cost-conscious bride, has high-quality imported and domestic blossoms for weddings and also supplies an eclectic collection of wedding items for rental.
Brides interested in scheduling a wedding flower consultation with Hafner Florist can email the florist using the contact form on the Hafner Florist wedding website or call either of their locations serving the Toledo area – Holland at 419-865-3264 or Sylvania at 419-885-7033. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hafner Florist Sylvania Offers Comfort and Exceptional Wedding Flowers

By Abigail Sterling, Published March 17, 2011
Hafner Florist offers a comfortable, intimate store producing uniquely exceptional bridal flowers in Sylvania, Ohio.  Though established on Harroun Road in May 1992, Hafner Florist relocated to S. Main Street in 2007.  The showroom at the Sylvania store features a charming wedding room situated in a quiet corner for privacy during wedding consultations.  Sunshine warms the showroom through the large glass plate windows, creating a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere for the floral designers, customers, and plants alike!  The cheerful sales staff and designers are often in the showroom caring for the plants and tidying the shelves to maintain an enjoyable shopping atmosphere.  Also spotted bustling about the store is Dan Hafner, who devotedly manages the Sylvania location.  Although Beth Hafner has managed the Holland store since 2000, the Hafners have perfected a balance of professionalism, creative happiness, and kindheartedness that is consistent across both stores. 
This balance has not only ensured their success as a quality wedding florist in Toledo and surrounding areas, but it has also improved the florist’s relationships with floral growers and wholesalers.  When given requests for flowers for upcoming weddings, Dan searches many different vendors for the perfect product.  Hafner Florist’s longstanding relationships with a variety of vendors help Dan to choose growers and wholesalers with the highest levels of quality and reliability.  As this is frequently the most important and crucial step in the wedding flower process, Dan keeps the bride’s trust in mind and actively pursues the best-fitting flowers.       
While the Sylvania location is slightly smaller than the store in Holland, Hafner Florist in Sylvania offers a unique walk-in cooler which allows for a colorful, accessible presentation of the florist’s quality floral product.  The walk-in cooler is not only beneficial for customers, but also Kelli Baker, the wedding consultant at the Sylvania store, while she creates the perfect complimentary bridal look.  This interactive display of bridal flowers also allows brides to get a feel for different floral styles and colors during their wedding consultations.  Indeed, hands-on selection is not something every florist offers.  Seeing and smelling quality flowers helps brides feel assured that their wedding flower design is in the best hands.