Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hafner Florist’s Allison Holmes learns from best Toledo wedding florist, develops own unique wedding design style

Written By Abigail Sterling, Published on June 30, 2011

Summertime Hafner Florist bouquet
Over time, employees foster their own floral creativity working alongside the best Toledo wedding designers at Hafner Florist.  Such is the case with Allison Holmes, a 1999 graduate of the floriculture course at the Toledo Agricultural Education Center.  Since her start at Hafner Florist in 2004, Allison’s cheerful personality, unique floral creativity, and extraordinary work ethic have transformed her from exceptional salesperson to cultured Hafner Florist wedding designer.  Skilled wedding designers, such as Beth Hafner and Kelli Baker, have helped shape Allison’s unique talent and passion, making her a valuable member of the Hafner Florist wedding team.  Recently, Allison has started taking wedding consultations with brides-to-be, tailoring her own wedding floral flair to unique bridal flower dreams.  Her personable, jovial approach to her work makes the wedding flower process enjoyable for any bride.  To make an appointment with Allison, Beth, or Kelli, visit the Hafner Florist Wedding Website and fill out the simple information form.          

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hafner Florist Launches ‘Free Rose Wednesdays’

Sylvania, Ohio (June 8, 2011)Hafner Florist is Toledo’s innovative and cutting-edge florist, creating beautiful flower design for over 19 years. They are the premier, locally owned florist specializing in one-of-a-kind wedding work, distinctive funeral arrangements, as well as unique floral designs for birthdays, anniversaries and many other occasions throughout the year. Providing memorable and exquisite floral accessories, accents, bouquets, table decorations and more in the Toledo Metropolitan area, Hafner Florist has been in operation since 1992.
Serving local customers in and around the Toledo area for nearly two decades, Hafner Florist has chosen to spread the love, thankfulness, respect, and friendship through roses by launching ‘Free Rose Wednesdays’. Beginning today, Wednesday, June 8th, 2011, anyone can visit either location – South Main Street in Sylvania or Airport Highway at Holloway Road in Holland – to receive a free rose on Wednesdays. In addition to a free rose, everyone who comes into the stores will be invited to fill out an entry form to win one dozen roses. For every 100 people to enter, a name will be drawn to receive a Free Dozen Roses.* (*No purchase necessary.)

Dan Hafner, owner of Hafner Florist shares the keys to their success. “It’s about giving great customer service, sharing our small shop personality, and doing everything we can to make our customers happy by having a floral design staff with an unsurpassed amount of experience. “  Kelli Baker has been with Hafner Florist for six years and has over 20 years of experience. As a designer, she has a precise attention to detail and attends annual flower conventions to keep up on the latest trends and design. Judie Barrett has been a designer for Hafner Florist since 1994. Her exquisite design expertise has been shared with the White House to decorate for celebrations over the years and is now being passed on to customers in the Toledo Metropolitan Area. Last, but not least, Beth Hafner is the heart and soul of the design team. Beth has been a floral design consultant for 30 years, which gives her a beat on keeping the team effort in place to make every floral occasion extra special.
If you’re in need of flowers for any occasion, visit Hafner Florist to experience what it means to work with a warm and friendly local florist firsthand. The Hafner Florist team offers budget flexibility for the cost-conscious customer, high quality imported and domestic blossoms to create just the right look for each special occasion, and a staff of designers who create floral arrangements in-tune with your individual style and personality. 

Have a special occasion? Schedule your flower consultation with Hafner Florist today. Email Hafner Florist; call either of their locations serving the Toledo area -- Holland at 419.865.3264 or Sylvania at 419.885.7033; or visit their website to learn more about them and fill out a simple introductory form. 

About Hafner Florist:
Hafner Florist has been providing memorable and exquisite floral accessories, accents, bouquets and table decorations for special events since 1992. They are the premier, locally owned florist serving customers in the Toledo Metropolitan area. Now in Holland and Sylvania, Ohio, they are creating the best floral memories around Northwest Ohio.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Picking the Perfect Wedding Colors: Hafner Florist Helps Toledo Area Brides Find a Bold, Dramatic Balance

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published June 2, 2011

Hafner Florist Designs Beautiful Bridal Flowers for Toledo

As the unifying element to any wedding, the wedding flower colors derive from a combination of a bride’s stylistic tastes and seasonal trends.  Brides often find inspiration for this important bridal component in the most unlikely places.  After determining colors that brides do and don’t like, Hafner Florist transforms personal color preferences into bold and beautiful wedding flowers. 

First, brides should become very familiar with their wedding and reception locations, according to  What is the lighting in the space like?  Is the location stylistically modern or traditional?  What mood does the bride seek to set in the space?  Because different locations set unique moods, brides can select wedding flower colors that enhance the aesthetic quality of the place.  Because Hafner Florist has developed many close relationships with most churches and halls in the Toledo area, the wedding consultants are familiar with the décor in these establishments and can help brides determine complementary colors.  It is important to consider the décor and color palate of each location in order to develop harmonizing wedding flower colors that unify the mood and tone of the wedding day.

The next step is to identify a bride’s individual preferences.  Inspiration can derive from many places – a fabric store or the produce section at the grocery store, for example.  Ultimately, brides should identify colors that make them happy.  What is the color of a bride’s bedspread?  Her kitchen placemats?  Inspiration can come from the simplest places, too.

Keeping it simple – three or four colors, tops – is the best way to ensure a unified wedding flower color scheme.  These colors should be balanced between bold and softer, more neutral hues to be aesthetically pleasing instead of “over-the-top.”  Currently popular color combinations include navy blue/hot pink/magenta, white/light-green, yellow/silver/black, and teal/magenta.  Hafner Florist offers a wide variety of flowers, foliages, and accessories to bring these trends (and many more!) to life.  For more information concerning popular color trends, visit the Hafner Florist Trends Page.  After identifying her wedding flower colors, a bride can experiment with different shades and textures to add depth.  Wedding consultants at Hafner Florist can suggest a variety of flowers, accessories, and foliages that heighten the dramatic effect of any color scheme.  

When discussing her wedding flower colors with the wedding consultant, the bride should have in mind the number of people in the wedding party who will need flowers.  This number helps the wedding consultant determine the right balance of each color in every piece so that the color scheme is well balanced and unified.  Regardless of a bride’s color preferences, Hafner Florist can achieve a unique presentation that any bride is sure to love.