Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cheerful, Bold Colors Provide Perfect Palate for Summer Weddings

Written by Abigail Sterling, August 29, 2011
Popular Summer Wedding Colors
While traditional wedding colors remain as popular as ever, selecting bright, cheerful colors provides the perfect palate for a summer wedding.  This summer, brides put a twist on classic summertime wedding themes by selecting trendy colors, such as lavender, peapod, and coral.
Brides can revitalize recycled summer themes, such as beach and garden looks, with unique color combinations.  Replacing popular aqua with a more unique regatta blue will refresh any color combination in the summer heat.  Other fashionable colors, such as beeswax orange and russet brown, provide bold contrasts for dramatic summer wedding colors.     
Additionally, a bride’s keepsakes, such as beach pails and seashells from childhood summer adventures, add a touch of personality to her summer wedding.  Lanterns at a reception evoke memories of warm summer nights spent beneath the starry sky.  Brides can create a nostalgic, playful atmosphere by including whimsical reminders of the past.  Such attributes create relaxing images of summertime fun.
Essentially, there are unlimited options for one-of-a-kind summer wedding colors.  Once selected, these colors serve as the foundation for the overall atmosphere and appearance of the wedding.  In order to create the look and feel of a bride’s dream summer wedding, she should seek to integrate her own summer memories and experiences into this important wedding aspect.