Monday, October 31, 2011

Seasonal Wedding Flowers from Hafner Florist Provide High-Quality, Unique Look for Toledo Brides

Written by Abigail Sterling, Published October 31st, 2011

When choosing wedding flowers, many brides who seek a unique style look immediately to exotic and tropical blooms.  Indeed, rare flowers create a striking floral presentation for any wedding; however, the quality of such out-of-season flowers is difficult to predict and they are usually pricy.  Brides often ignore the infinite possibilities of locally grown, seasonal blooms in the Toledo area.  Seasonal flowers work beautifully with (and often influence!) current wedding trends, such as the popular natural “green” presentation featuring branching, various shades of foliage, and an overall airy design.  For additional information on trendy wedding styles, visit the Hafner Florist weddings website.
While seasonal, locally grown flowers are easily accessible to Toledo wedding florists, it does not mean they are overused or ordinary!  Instead, these unique, quality blooms are often overshadowed by the enticing glamour of unusual, out-of-season flowers that are typically more expensive than seasonal flowers.  Popular Toledo wedding flower trends emphasize colors that make a bold statement – something that designers can readily achieve with high-value, local flowers.  It is recommended that brides with particular flowers in mind set their wedding dates when the flowers are seasonally grown to ensure quality – they can simply ask Hafner Florist designers, who are well-versed on the flowers and their seasons.  Wedding designers can identify quality, ideal seasonal blooms for brides that have not selected specific flowers but know their color palette.  As an added bonus, brides can feel good about choosing seasonal, local flowers too, because such purchases support nearby growers and the economy. 

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